Tibetan Buddhism follows the Mahyana path; it is important to understand self-cherishing and self-grasping as the source of all misery and learn to cultivate cherishing others as the source of all goodness. Bodhichitta is necessary in the beginning, the middle, and the end of the path.  To fulfill the need of individuals with different orientation, Geshe Sherap designed and conducts the Teaching Program at three different levels of courses for students:  Foundational, Intermediate and Philosophical.


Foundational Level Course
This level course covers the foundational concepts: The four seals, the four noble truths, what are the three jewels and what it means to take proper refuge in the three jewels.  Courses are offered to help students to understand the nature of Bodhicitta, the wish to help other beings, used as the prime motivation to develop the wisdom of emptiness.


Intermediate Level Course
This level course introduces the student to the three principles paths: renunciation, Bodhicitta and wisdom.  It covers a wide range of Buddhist concepts, introducing the student to the view of reality of the Sautrantika School.  At this level, the Buddhist practice of developing  patience,  as the antidote for anger, and mind training techniques (Lojong in Tibetan) are presented.


Buddhist Philosophy Course
This level course introduces the views of reality of Cittamatra and Madhyamika Schools, the five paths and ten spiritual grounds of the Arya or Transcendental Beings  and the practices to reduce the self-cherishing: exchanging self for others and the six causes with one result.  The wisdoms realizing the emptiness of person and of phenomenon; which are the antidotesfor the two types of self grasping are described.


Meditation Practice and Special Events
Weekly Practices and Special Events have been discontinued during the Covid-19 pandemic for the safety of our members and our community. Please take this time to learn about Buddhist Philosophy with Geshe Sherap on the online classes via YouTube and Zoom. For links for these platforms, go to the Internet Teaching page.